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Walking Dunes Trail

Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware

Cape Henlopen State Park, located in southern Delaware, where the Atlantic Ocean meets Delaware Bay, protects a wide variety of landscapes, including wooded maritime forests, WWII history, undulating sand dunes, Atlantic coast beaches, and salt marsh wetlands – all of which can be seen along the 2.6 mile Walking Dunes Trail.

The Walking Dunes Trail, a loop path, can be accessed at several points within the park - the easiest access is found at Herring Point, where ample parking is provided, conversely, if you’re camping in the campground you can take the bike path until it intersects with the trail.

We began our hike from the overflow parking area near the campground – passing by the iconic fire tower as we trekked in a clockwise direction along the bike path to the Walking Dunes trail.

Once on the Walking Dunes Trail, we enjoyed the flora and fauna found within the wooded maritime forest, including prickly pear cactus, fence lizards ,a variety of birds, and deer.

Eventually the trail leads to a junction near the Herring Point parking area – follow the signs to the point to enjoy ocean views, open sand dunes, a WWII bunker, and the chance to walk down to the beach.

An excursion to the beach is highly recommended – we enjoyed playing in the surf and watching the seagulls flying overhead, the horseshoe crabs and sand crabs along the swash zone, colorful shells along the beach, and spotting dolphins just offshore.

After enjoying the beach, walk back to the trail junction and continue hiking clockwise along the Walking Dunes Trail – the path gets its name from the open sand dunes that slowly move across the park, not from the fact that you’re actually walking on them lol.

The final portion of the trail, before emerging back at the campground, passes through a salt marsh wetland with open views across the landscape – towering reeds, cattails, and grasses dominate the inspiring vista.

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