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Staigue Fort, Ireland


     Staigue Fort, a shockingly well-preserved 1500 B.C. ring fort, is set in a beautiful valley dotted with wandering sheep, roads lined with hedgerow fuchsia and blackberry bushes, and a quaint waterfall straight out of a fairytale.

     To explore the ring fort, a worthwhile stop along the Ring of Kerry that is always open and free, drive to the car park located 2.5 miles off the main N70 road (signs point the way), then simply hike less than a tenth of a mile to the fort itself—the dry-stone ring is well over 100 feet in diameter, and nearly five meters high and four meters thick. As you explore the exterior and interior of the ring, followed by sheep as you hike, look for the stone steps on the inside of the ring that lead to the top of the thick stone walls—the high vantage point affords excellent views of the sea and surrounding mountains.

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