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Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge


     A virtually undiscovered natural bridge, located on the southeast coast of Aruba near the village of Seroe Colorado, can be viewed from the clifftop or reached by a short scramble down the jagged cliffside—simply park at the lot adjacent to the Seroe Colorado Lighthouse and follow any of the obvious unmarked trails to the edge of the cliff. Once you reach the cliff’s edge, continue hiking in a northerly direction up the coast, glancing over the edge occasionally until you catch sight of the glorious natural bridge—henceforth dubbed as the Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge.

     Locating the trail that leads down to the natural bridge, which is quite spectacular by the way, can be a bit tedious until you find (with a little luck) just the right spot to descend—at this point, you have to climb down the rocks to reach the base of the approximately 27-feet tall by 60-feet wide span that towers over turbulent churning waves reminiscent of a witch’s brew. If you do find, and you most likely will, the trail used by the majority of hikers, closer inspection of the rocky descent should reveal a rather well-worn path leading down to the crashing waves—just follow it to the bridge and then return the same way.

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