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Kiholo Bay Hike

Kiholo Bay, Big Island, Hawaii

Kiholo Bay is a secluded black sand beach on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is accessed via a short 2 mile roundtrip hike just off Highway 19. From Kailua, drive north on Highway 19 past the airport and Kona Coast Park, watch for highway marker # 82 and the Kiholo Scenic Viewpoint, the trail will be on the ocean side of the highway. Once you reach the viewpoint, drive exactly 0.9 miles north and park along the road, here you will see a footpath that leads down to the beach. The trail is well worn, and the walk can be a scorcher, in fact, it was especially hot when we did this hike, of course, we were also carrying all of our snorkeling gear and camera equipment, which I am sure made it seem even hotter. The bay is home to several sea turtles that are rather tame, and they say you can snorkel with them and they will come right up to you and look into your eyes. I can't say if this is true or not, because, like a bunch of idiots, we were too afraid to get into the water! The water is a little murky, due to the mixture of fresh and salt water, and we let our imaginations get the best of us. In particular, we imagined that man-eating sharks were just waiting for us below the calm surface, and it didn't help that we were the only ones there and that we were novice snorkelers at the time. Now that we have more experience we can’t wait to go back, as we would not hesitate to get in now!


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