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California Lighthouse and Dunes


     Aruba’s California Dunes and Lighthouse, located on the isolated northwestern tip of the island, are named for the famous ship that sank offshore, but the recreation opportunities encountered in this windswept region will certainly raise your spirits—photo ops at the old stone lighthouse and endless rolling sand dunes are sure to please.

     The California Dunes, locally called Hudishibana, allow the adventurous hiker to explore without limit—there are no marked trails through the dunes, so you can simply hike for as long and as far as you like. Sunset and sunrise offer relief from the hot Aruban sun, and the light at these times of day are perfect for photography—ripples in the dunes cast shadows and add depth to the scene, and the sky is sure to be ablaze with color.

     To explore both the California Lighthouse and the Dunes, park at the lighthouse and walk down the road to the sprawling expanse of the dunes—elevation at the lighthouse is 80 feet, and the dunes are around 50 feet, so the elevation change is minimal.

     The lighthouse, which is closed to the public, can be explored from the exterior from every angle—the structure is also visible from the dunes, allowing for a myriad of compositions.

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